DIASPORA ACTION FOR DEMOCRACY IN AFRICA is a Pan African Organization established as a vehicle to mobilize all African Diaspora across the world outside the African continent, to organize and deploy people of African descent, their competences, resources and social capital towards the mission of redeeming the African homeland from its human, social and physical state of underdevelopment, a multi-disciplinary body to undertake extensive and exhaustive study the historical timeline experience of the political, economic, socio-cultural, technological, legal and ecological situation of Africa. This is to enable the documentation of facts of the strength and weakness and opportunities and threat the African continents faces as well.


We are resolved to mobilized African Diaspora peoples, resources, networks, and organizations, powered by self-determination and commitment to evolve a shared sense of authentic African meaning of democracy and its enthronement in practice as our way of life for the good governance of our societies in and outside the continent, aimed at ultimately restoring African towards progressive civilization and modernization.


We look to materialize an Africa that are peoples restored to a fully civilize society and a continent that is modernized, propelled by democratic and good governance philosophy and practices and drawing upon technical, professional and material resources of the global African Diaspora

Overarching Purpose

We facilitate, promote and support the advancement of democracy that deliver good governance on the African continent, by leveraging the African Diaspora across the world, employing their creativity and resources in order to regenerate African civilization and modernization.


We recognize in our africanness that shared-spirit and the believe-in the manifest destiny of Africa, that is to bring about the fullest potential in the dignity and equality all of human races, this becomes for us Africa’s basis for the restoration of its place of pride and respect among peoples of the world, through a culture of universal fairness and equity in leadership and practice of democracy that is uniquely African.  


Africa is uniquely a communal society, where the rich is believed to exist for the poor and strong for the weak, one for all and all for one, to create a complete and rounded societies. We are an organization proud-of and living-out the ideology of African communalism with its practice of consultative and consensus-based notion of bearing all in share-values, decision-making, with non-left behind.  

Our Beliefs, Core Values and Principles

  • We hold a shared Faith in God
    • We are impassioned with Love for the African Homeland
    • We commit to sacrifice in service of Africa
    • We are Loyal and Patriotic to African causes.
    • We invest our creativity in pursuit for excellence
    • We are driven by self-determination and Self-reliance

Goal 1: Develop African Citizenship:

Objective 1: To promote strong pride in an African-Citizen Identity

Objective 2: To nurture citizens responsibility toward African aspirations

Objective 3. To rouse popular citizens participation in African Affairs

Objective 4: To develop respect for Human and People’s rights as critical for all Africans

Goal 2- Nurture Democratic Leadership

Objective 1: Nurturing a culture of active involvement of people being led

Objective 2: Support inputs and feedback from the led

Objective 3: Encourage participation of the led in decision-making

Objective 4: Promoting the philosophy and practice of servant leadership.

Goal 3- Foster Democratic Development Culture

Objective 1:  To lead Africa’s development on the informed choices of citizens

Objective 2:  To design policy centered on people and subject people’s scrutiny

Objective 3: To pursue development that is based of values that anchor sustainability.

Objective 4: To build informed and knowledgeable citizens capable of holding government and institutions to be accountable

GOAL 4- Promoting Good Governance:

Objective 1: To advance rule of law as basis for governance and development

Objective 2: To foster popular participation and responsibility for groups and individuals

Objective 3: To ensure responsiveness to citizen demands and service delivery

Objective 4: To nature build-consensus and shared-meaning

Objective 5: To promote equity, inclusiveness and other forms of social justices

Objective 6: To secure value for employed resources through effectiveness and efficiency

Objective 7. To promote Transparency and accountability in all specter of African society


DIASPORA ACTION FOR DEMOCRACY IN AFRICA is a supranational entity that is a transnational organization. The organization is governed by its own rules provided for in its constitution. The organization maintains presences in all continents and regions of the world and shall seek be recognized under international law for the conferment of sovereign and diplomatic privilege in all sovereign jurisdiction of the world.  Until desired sovereign privilege is achieved, the organization shall currently comply and operate in accordance with the laws of every sovereign jurisdiction it has presence, so long as such laws do not undermine the universal norms of human and people’s rights. The organization shall retain, preserve and enforce strong African identity is all its diversity.