As a coalition of Nigerians in the Diaspora, we have identified key demands for electoral justice and fairness. We have detailed our demands for reform, accountability, and justice in the wake of the 2023 elections

  • Our coalition demands justice and accountability for the fraudulent 2023 elections in Nigeria. We strongly condemn the widespread irregularities and electoral malpractices that marred the process.
  • We clearly and unequivocally condemn the election fraud perpetrated by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), and their agents.
  • We demand that INEC  is held accountable for failure to uphold the rule of law and adheres to due process in the transmission and announcement of authentic election results from polling units.
  • The election results were criminally forged by some INEC officials in states like Lagos, Rivers, Ekiti, and Plateau States, and we demand that they be held accountable.
  • Overvoting is a significant issue in the Electoral Law, and we demand that some results be scrutinized. We want to know if results were prepared before the election and if there was overvoting. We demand the publication of the authentic results, along with the evidence to validate them (result sheets).
  • We strongly condemn the xenophobic attacks that occurred during the 2023 elections. It is unacceptable that some individuals would resort to violence and discrimination based on ethnic affiliations.
  • As part of our demands, we call for strict sanctions to be imposed on those who perpetrated these attacks. We demand that the Nigerian government and international bodies take swift action to bring these individuals to justice and ensure that they face the full consequences of their actions.

It is important that we send a clear message that such acts of violence will not be tolerated in our society and that those responsible will be held accountable.

  • We also demand that the victims of the electoral violence be compensated adequately. The families of those who lost their lives or suffered serious injuries during the election deserve to be compensated for their losses. This compensation should not only be financial, but also include medical care and support for the affected families.
  • The government and all political parties involved in the electoral violence must take responsibility for the actions of their supporters and provide appropriate compensation to the victims.
  • We are pleased that the international mass media and the entire country have condemned the results of the elections. However, we urge Nigerians in the diaspora to contact their policymakers to help protect Nigerian democracy.
  • Our coalition also demands that the United States government issues a strong statement condemning the Nigerian government, INEC, and their agents for orchestrating a fatally flawed presidential, gubernatorial, and other elections in Nigeria. They should insist that INEC to obey the laws, count and respect the people’s votes as per the laws.
  • We demand the initiation of wide-ranging sanctions on the INEC National Chairman, his family, identified corrupt INEC leadership at the national and state levels, and all those who have frustrated free, fair, and credible elections in Nigeria, including those who instigated violence and discrimination based on ethnicity on citizens of Nigeria.
  • Nigeria is the largest black nation on earth and the largest source of African immigrants to the United States. Therefore, we must call on the White House and Congress to intervene in the face of these human rights violations and Nigeria’s election malpractices.
  • Join us in our advocacy efforts by supporting our demands.
  • Legal Actions Taken
  • Advocacy Campaigns
  • Peaceful Protests